MyBirthday Team

About Us

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The Founding Team

We are a group of passionate young individuals who strive to bring happiness to everyone through our idea. We started off really small in September 2017 with only a handful of outlets on-board with us.

Through our determination and continuous efforts, we had overcome problems faced along the way which brought us where we are now with almost up to 100 outlets in less than two months. We are looking to grow to 1000 outlets within a year. With MyBirthday, you can enjoy great deals on your birthday month at your favorite restaurants and cafes with just a few taps!

In the team we have an aligned mission to become the world's largest & most influential birthday platform to spread happiness among each other ! Our Vision is to make birthday even more fun and affordable than ever for everyone.

The Values, we dream big, work hard as a team to influence & start the birthday month revolution to spread happiness around us.